soundcubed studios is a full service recording complex focusing in three primary areas: music, film/tv and advertising/media. we have two complete facilities with the best modern and vintage gear. by far, our greatest asset is the wealth of experience of our engineers and producers. with this amount of production experience to draw from, it's unlikely that you have a problem that we haven't solved before! let us help you navigate the waters of production and post-production by bidding your next job with your needs and budget in mind.


music services
film/tv services
advertising/media services
surround sound mixing
audio cleanup and restoration
custom music composition and sound design
stock library music and sound effects
talent payment and casting services
dubbing and digidelivery services







music services:

bullet tracking (live and midi)
bullet pro tools editing
bullet multiple multi-track formats
bullet timecode dat
bullet qualified staff engineers
bullet custom compositions
bullet cd dubs and transfers
bullet audio conversion, duplication and restoration
bullet separate isolation booth, midi suite, overdub and mixing rooms


film/tv services:

bullet sound design and editing
bullet mix in mono, stereo or 5.1 surround (dolby sr, dolby digital or dts)
bullet foley and adr services
bullet custom music design
bullet sound effects libraries


advertising/media services:

bullet vo/narration recording and mixing
bullet mix to picture; 5.1 surround sound mixing
bullet sound design and custom music
bullet sound effects libraries
bullet casting and talent payment


surround sound mixing

control rooms at soundcubed are lucasfilm™ thx pm3 approved for monitoring in all surround formats. we can mix your project in dolby surround (sr or digital) or dts formats. the dolby formats are applicable for theatrical releases, home video and broadcast applications, while dts can be used for both theatrical and home video projects. both formats add major levels of excitement and realism to all your audio projects. we have surround mixing and monitoring available in the los angeles studio only.



mastering helps create consistency within the cd and assures the artist that their cd will fit within accepted standards of quality found in most major label releases. that is, there will be consistency of volume and tonal balance creating a more professional presentation. at soundcubed you will be treated to high-end mastering at an affordable rate. our controlled and calibrated acoustic environment, calibrated metering and experience with industry norms for levels, tone, and editing pertaining to specific genre has remained a constant at soundcubed.

the surround mastering options at soundcubed provide many choices when creating an audio soundtrack. from the preparation of a 5.1 master for encoding, upmixing to 5.1 of stereo or multitrack sources, to audio encoding (dolby digital and dts) for dvd video, dvd-audio, and sacd formats, at soundcubed, you really can experience the best of both worlds.



soundcubed offers multiple pro tools tdm mix and hd workstations available for use in your sessions. these systems each feature apogee clocking and conversion and have the latest digidesign software and third party plug-ins (including waves diamond tdm and 360 bundles, all the digidesign/bomb factory bundles plus melodyne and auto-tune), cd-r and dvd burning capabilities, and - depending on the specific system - avoption for mix-to-pix work and/or removable hard drives to hold your entire music or film session. need a lightening quick pro tools engineer to tune vocals, adjust your tracks, or create clean versions for radio play... we've got that as well!


audio cleanup and restoration

soundcubed has assembled a collection of tools and techniques which are often helpful in reducing background noise, enhancing intelligibility or otherwise turning non-useable audio into workable media. this process is referred to as forensic audio and can be particularly helpful for legal or archival purposes.

our tools include waves restoration bundle, digidesign dinr and cedar audio standalone processors; all are advanced noise removal tools capable of digitally removing hum, hiss, pops or other repeating low level noises from your material. restoration audio services can be the ultimate job-saving tool for both production and audio forensic work - contact us for details.


custom music composition and sound design

soundcubed has been composing and arranging jingles and custom music tracks for over twenty years. our resident staff producer myke aaron has a long track record with many satisfied clients, and an ample collection of samplers, synths and dsp tools to help get the job done.

custom music is billed out on a per job basis based on the criteria of the project. please contact us for details.


stock library music and sound effects

soundcubed has all the popular music and sound effects libraries. we have a computer database to search out specific effects, and assistant engineers who are very familiar with the libraries. if you still need more, our production people can source harder-to-find public domain pieces or find ways to accommodate all kinds of unusual music or effect issues.


talent payment and casting services

one of the most complicated aspects of audio production can be paying talent. session fees, use fees, cycles, markets, overtime - it can sometimes be useful to have help. we spend a good portion of our day absorbed in intricacies of paying talent, and can give you one simple invoice for all payments and contracts. not a signatory of aftra or sag? no problem, we can assume the signatory responsibilities for you and take care of all budgeting and filing.

we can also put together a casting session to help you find your next vo talent in two different cost saving ways: a cd or cassette of voices compiled from our existing collection of talent demo tapes, or a full studio-based casting call with talent on site reading your script. castings can be done in all major markets and languages. contact us for more information.


dubbing and digidelivery™ services

soundcubed offers complete duplications services for your finished project. formats include recordable dvd's, cd�s, dat�s (real time and high speed), audio cassette duplication, 1/4" open reel audio tapes, all internet/computer based formats (realplayer, windows media, quicktime, mp3, etc.) along with 3/4" and vhs dubs. cd to cd and dvd to dvd dubbing is also possible. contact us for custom formats or machine room laybacks.

soundcubed also offers digidelivery™. a fast, easy-to-use and secure way to send files to other users. no more courier, ftp, or email hassles! when time is of the essence and when simplicity and security are paramount, digidelivery™ is the solution for delivering even your most sensitive data to where it's needed.

bullet send any type or size of file quickly and easily
send an entire session folder including pro tools files, video, cue sheet, script, budget etc., as easily as sending an email, but much faster, and with no size limitations.
bullet take the hassle out of file delivery
ftp transfers can fail and are not always secure, email servers have size limitations, and courier services put you at the mercy of their delivery schedules. digidelivery offers unprecedented simplicity, reliability, and convenience.
bullet send files to anyone, even if they don't have a digistudio account
your colleagues don't need a special account to receive a delivery. files sent via digidelivery™ can be sent to anyone with an email address.
bullet deliver files with absolute security
deliver your files via our banking-level secure network. all deliveries are automatically encrypted for your peace of mind.
bullet pay for the delivery service only when you need it
delivery pricing is based on file size and the number of recipients for each delivery. contact us for rate info.

copyright 2002 soundcubed studios.  all rights reserved.

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