mobile studio


pro tools "mobile superrig" specifications

bullet apple g4, dual 1.25 ghz, 1.5 gb ram, 100 gb internal ide drives (2).
bullet (4) 36 gb 10k rpm removable scsi drives (with glyph hot-swap bay).
bullet cd-rw, dvd-r, jaz 1 and 2gb, zip100 backup/restore options.
bullet pro tools tdm mix system (with 4 mix farm cards).
bullet (2) ad-8000se, (3) 888|24 i/os and (2) 882|20 i/os for 56 inputs and 56 outputs.
bullet motu mtp/av-usb and digidesign usd for all your timecode and word clock needs.
bullet (4) motu miditimepieces for 32 in/out midi ports.
bullet (2) 19" sony lcd flat panel displays.
bullet virtually every plug-in supported by digidesign.
bullet also included:
  • access music virus indigo tdm
  • bias peak 5 tdm
  • bitheadz unity ds-1
  • digidesign hybrid, expand!, structure, strike and velvet a.i.r. virtual instruments
  • ni studio collection-pte (including b4, battery and pro-52)
  • propellerhead reason 3
  • spectrasonics atmosphere, trilogy and stylus rmx
  • synthogy ivory
bullet fully mobile in a large durable case, fully wired with dl connections on rear.
bullet xlr and dl breakout snakes are included for easy setup.
bullet includes an expert pro tools engineer and a guarantee to operate properly.

most studios in the world now own a version of pro tools. but most systems are limited by the number of inputs and outputs, as well as the amount of raw dsp power available for plug-ins and mixing. while these systems are sufficient for many clients, there are other clients who are always demanding more of a pro tools system. with our "mobile superrig", we can give them more.

our system is the first fully mobile pro tools tdm system in ohio. featuring digidesign's industry standard hardware and software and utilizing the tdm mixing bus with sample rates up to 48 khz. in addition, this system has 56 inputs and 56 outputs, allowing the user to track full bands to pro tools, and do a full mix through the studio's console, without sacrificing quality and control. no more submixing, no more printing effects. with 4 mix farm cards, you will have to work hard to run out of dsp.

furthermore, nearly every available tdm plug-in is installed, with any additional plug-ins available upon request. this system is also an excellent choice for live recording, due to the sufficient number of inputs on board. additional inputs and outputs can be added upon request.

this system also has a myriad of data backup and restore options. between cd-rw, dvd-r, jaz, zip, and glyph scsi and firewire hot-swaps, we are completely covered for whatever format a client walks in with. when they are done with their project, they are guaranteed to leave with a format that another studio will accept.

while basic pro tools systems are sufficient for many clients, many also want more. this "mobile superrig" gives you more power and more flexibility, but it also gives you reliability that you can't get from rental houses. for many, that alone is worth the price.

copyright 2002 soundcubed studios.  all rights reserved.

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